2410, 2023

FLEXIGRID: Four Years Facing the Grid Flexibility Challenges

Grid Flexibility from three levels: flexibility, reliability and economic efficiency through the development of innovative hardware and software solutions . . The FLEXIGRID research project, spanning four years, aimed to enhance the flexibility, reliability, and economic efficiency of distribution grids. As the world shifts towards sustainable energy, integrating variable [...]

1406, 2021

FLEXIGRID Virtual panel on ensuring a flexible distribution system for end-consumers gathered over 40 stakeholders

On May 26th, a virtual panel discussion on ''How and why should we contribute to creating a flexible distribution system?'' was hosted by the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing (FER) together with HEP-Operator distribucijskog sustava d.o.o. (the Croatian distribution system operator). Opening the event, Associate Professor Hrvoje Pandžić (FER's [...]

2505, 2020

FLEXIGRID strengthens ties between EU and Brazil at a conference to promote scientific collaboration

The FLEXIGRID project has contributed to strengthen the scientific collaboration between EU and Brazil through its participation in the conference 'Fostering STI twinning activities between EU and Brazil', which was held online on 22 May. The conference brought together Brazilian and European scientists and authorities who are involved in the [...]

203, 2020

FLEXIGRID reinforces its positioning in Smart grids with its participation in BRIDGE H2020

The project presents at the annual meeting of BRIDGE H2020 organised by the European Commission a set of solutions to address the challenges for reliability, stability and security of supply that the electricity grid is expected to face The FLEXIGRID project has been presented in the General Assembly of the [...]