The virtual event organised by the FLEXIGRID project on 26th March brought together more than 50 smart grid experts. The event, conceived as a space for discussion and interaction between participants, as in the case of the face-to-face events, was a great success and served to put the challenges of the European electricity system of the future on the table.

Samuel Borroy, researcher in CIRCE Foundation and coordinator of FLEXIGRID Project was in charge of opening the day. Then, the leaders of the five demosites of the project presented the main advances and results obtained in each of them. University of Cantabria explained the details of the spanish demosite; Elin Verd did the same for the Greek demo, HEP-ODS was in charge of presenting the Croatian demo and finally EDYNA exposed the Italian one. All the demos are serving to test and validate in real environments all the innovations developed in the framework of the project.

The event also provided a space for the European Commission to explain the alignment of the project’s objectives with European energy transition goals. The Project stakeholders also had the opportunity to give their point of view and to discuss the needs of the market. HEP-ODS, the Municipality of Kiffisia, TERNA and Cuerva Group were the stakeholders who participated in this part of the event.

The interactive event concluded with several panel discussions and networking opportunities, from which great business opportunities arose among the participants.

FLEXIGRID Project is the answer to the challenges that present the increasing share of variable and unpredictable renewable energy sources (RES) in the electric grid in terms of reliability, stability and security of supply.

You can watch the event on replay here