Locations and general description

Elektra Zagreb is one of the Distribution Control Areas (DCA) of HEP ODS, the Croatian DSO. It is located in the Northwest of Croatia. Elektra Zagreb plans, operates and maintains the distribution network, namely medium voltage (MV) network (30 kV, 20 kV and 10 kV) and low voltage (LV) network (0,4 kV) containing 14 30/10(20) kV substations, 2463 10(20)/0,4 kV substations, around 6500 km of LV network, 2300km of 10/20 kV network and 187 km of 30 kV distribution network. Pilot location in the distribution control area of Zagreb (Elektra Zagreb) will cover all voltage levels (from interface substations with the transmission system operator at 110 kV, to 0,4 kV low voltage network) and multiple controllable resources in order to test and verify developed modules/tools.


Reducing distribution network losses

Reducing high number of (un)planned interruptions in electricity supply for end-users

Higher integration of renewable energy sources, particularly at the side of end-users

Higher involvement of end-users in managing their energy resources by increasing the number of consumers with access to smart grid solutions. In addition, short-term Smart Grid strategy focuses on digitalizing measurements/consumption at all metering points and equipping all secondary substations with data concentrators.


Coordinating distribution network flexibility assets and protections schemes in urban districts


  • Modelling of distribution networks and connected third-party flexibility providers
  • Testing different protection functionalities and defining protection logic, protection schemes and set points depending on the operating points
  • Analysing the results and real-life applicability of new algorithm designed for protection of distribution systems
  • Implementation of the developed protection concepts and settings.

Virtual Energy Storage for urban building


  • Development of operation and control algorithms
  • Test the control algorithms for different feeders in Elektra Zagreb distribution network
  • Develop database and communication structure for deployment of developed module
  • Demonstration at the network level.