Viesgo Distribución Eléctrica SL operates in the regulated electricity distribution business in the north of Spain. Amongst its assets, it owns a distribution grid of approximately 31,300 kmlength, supplying electricity to more than 695,000 customers in the provinces of Cantabria, Lugo, Asturias, Palencia and Burgos, with a total amount of energy distributed close to 6.5TWh.

As the Distribution System Operator of this wide network, Viesgo Distribución is also responsible for the measurement and metering activity, task which is suffering a radical change recently due to the massive integration of ICT technologies within the electricity networks and the deployment of smart meters. Viesgo Distribución is a leading company driving this technological change in Spain towards the so-called ‘smart grid’, with a set of innovative projects aiming at increasing the operational efficiency of the power system, maximizing the integration of sustainable technologies such RES and electric vehicles, and optimizing the quality of supply provided to its customers.

main tasks and responsibilities within the project

  • To define a representative use case (grid portion) based on their needs and main issues found in their grid and to provide data for the development of the Project Demonstration.
  • To cooperate with the rest of the project partners towards a smooth demonstration campaign and project development.