The société anonyme under the name “ELIN VERD S.A.” and the distinctive title “ELIN VERD S.A.” was established on 1/8/2005 (Government Gazette 8630/ 04.08.05). The company is registered in the S.A. Register under the number 59021/01AT/B/05/324, and its term was set until 31/12/2090. The company’s headquarters are the Municipality of Kifissia, Attica, 33, Pigon Street.

Elin Verd is an energy company and its activities span across a range of domains within the sustainable energy sphere. Its primary activity has been the R&D, production and trading of biofuels; Elin Verd operates a biodiesel plant at Volos 2nd Industrial Area, with a production capacity of 80,000 MT/year. The state of the art plant is capable to use exclusively waste as raw material (frying oil, animal fats), while the final product is distilled biodiesel that meets the European specifications and has significantly better qualities than traditional biodiesel. Also having almost no CO2 footprint, it is ranked at the top of biofuels in terms of environmental benefit. Elin Verd participates in standardization bodies across Europe.

The company provides internationally consulting on distributed energy resources and it has expanded its operations in the energy domain including the production of green chemical products and plans to become one of Greece’s first aggregator company.

main tasks and responsabilities within the project

VERD will primarily develop the appropriate algorithms and processes required for enhanced accuracy and generation forecasting and scheduling in LV networks with flexible DER resources. The aim of these algorithms will be to enable operation of LV networks under various operational conditions including normal and abnormal grid states as well as under different operational objectives, such as cost minimization and peak shaving.

The personnel involved in the FLEXIGRID project from VERD hold significant expertise in designing, implementing and operating flexible DER including academic, R&D and industrial experience. VERD will facilitate the implementation of the FLEXIGRID concept in the MAKRYAMMOS hotel and contribute to the relevant project tasks.