Analogously to UC1, an update of the functionalities of the Secondary Substations will be done through the implementation of the EB in different substations. This will serve as a prove of concept for replicability of the solutions deployed in Spain, to ensure that it can also operate under a totally different range of conditions. Additionally, a different generation of Smart Meters of third generation 3G (already commercial available) for each MV and LV costumers will be deployed (20.000). Real time monitoring of the loads on the MV producers will be carried out. This will serve to provide the implementation of a dispatching platform involving the main MV active users connected to the pilot network. The platform will allow for the monitoring of the electrical quantities of the users, which can be of interest for the power system’s management (from the DSO, but also the TSO, perspective): voltage and current amplitudes at the user’s point of connection with the external grid, active and reactive power exchanged, etc. Moreover, the possibility to control the user’s active and reactive power production to improve the operation of the network will be investigated. In this framework, for example, the dispatching platform developed in the project could be used to manage congestions along MV lines and/or to provide voltage capabilities to the DSO. These monitoring and control functionalities could be implemented both in real-time and in advance, estimating the state of the network in the next hours/days through suitable forecasting algorithms.


Real-time data exchange with the main MV users to collect monitoring data and deliver control signals
Real-time and predictive state estimation of the MV network behaviour
New strategies for the management of active users (active/reactive control)


Demonstration #4, Italy (Sorrentino, Mountainous Valley).

supervisor and main contributors