Based on registered measurements by sensors and other devices installed along the MV network, VERD will develop different algorithms, processes and systems to manage the local energy use in the network. Under normal operation, the total local energy system will be optimised towards minimising energy costs. Under abnormal network conditions (i.e. blackout), specific critical loads will be supplied by battery systems whose storage capacity will be locally supplied by renewable energy. Furthermore, to test the performance of the grid management algorithms in a LV grid, the energy system fed by a determined SS will be emulated using novel concepts. The use of distributed energy resources in a shared manner will be assumed by multiple consumers and prosumers with or without low carbon assets, to derive the business case for a community energy system and provide recommendations for streamlined approached to operation of this kind of systems.


Novel forecasting and control of distributed energy resources infrastructure for commercial and residential customers with renewables and battery storage, together with emulation capacity of business cases addressing various scenarios of ownership and operation regimes.


Demonstration #2, Greece (Makryammos Bungalows Resort-IOSA).

supervisor and main contributors