Improvement of the protections of primary (HV) and secondary (MV) distribution networks and the algorithms for their operation, in grids with high penetration of RES. As it has been showed in previous BRIDGE projects such as MIGRATE (focused on the transmission network), current protection systems have problems for the fault detection in cases where there is a high contribution of RES connected to the grid through power electronics. The typical protection functions of distribution grid use to have a higher level of dependency of fault current magnitudes than those of transmission network, therefore are more vulnerable to changes in fault currents behaviour, as expected in scenarios intensive in renewable energies, with a consequent risk to the security of the grid.


Development of new generation of protections able to work with inverse energy flows due to the large share penetration of RES in the distribution Grid. Additionally, these protections will be complemented with its operation algorithms.


Demonstration #1, Spain (Substations of Boimente, Mazuelas, Pico Gallo and PCTCAN).

supervisor and main contributors