Ioannis Sarantis SA was founded in 1968 with the aim to do business in the tourism, real estate and construction sector. The company owns and operates Makryammos Hotel in Thasos island-a place of rare natural beauty-that stretching along 35 acres of splendid landscape. The hotel management aspires to transform the hotel into a green hotel that operates using renewable energy and flexible distributed resources to minimize its carbon footprint.

main tasks and responsibilities within the project

IOSA will be the hosting entity that will enable the Greek pilot. In particular:

  • IOSA will facilitate development of the infrastructure and the control platform required to perform the energy management in the pilot area. In addition, IOSA will enable access to all information and data required to develop the algorithms and energy management system.
  • IOSA will intensively collaborate with VERD to develop the new technologies.
  • IOSA will provide access to information and data to facilitate the development of the congestion management and peak shaving development and testing processes.
  •  IOSA will provide the associated infrastructure, data and information required to emulate the planning and operation of a community energy system.