EDYNA is the principal DSO (Distribution System Operator) of the region Alto Adige – Südtirol, Italy and is a controlled company of the Alperia group, leader in Energy Production, Distribution and Selling since 1898, it joins since 1.1.2016 the previous groups AEW and SEL, owners are the municipality of Bolzano and Merano and the Land Alto Adige-Südtirol.

Core business activities of EDYNA are construction, extension, maintenance and operation of the power distribution facilities; measurement of electricity distributed to final customers and operation and maintenance of the public lighting systems in the cities of Bolzano and Merano. Customers are 230.000, mainly distributed in the two biggest cities, Bolzano and Merano, but also in rural and mountain areas. Main assets: 200 km HV lines, 3450 km MV lines, 5100 km LV lines (underground and overhead), 3900 Transformation plants, among them 54 substations HV/MV. All meters are electronic, remote controlled. Benchmark parameter: mean value of interruptions duration per customer in a year is 45 min, while national value is 102 min. The company has 330 employees, between grid technicians, engineers and administrative officers.

main tasks and responsibilities within the project

EDYNA will be responsible for the Italian Pilot. With the experience in the network management and available of the assets it has the possibility to arrange the pilot in its grid. In the recent past it has already had experiences in other pilots with similar problems to solve.